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I came across Maira’s work profile over the internet. I was quite convinced that she had the calibre & flair to furnish my  new 5 bedroom villa the first time I met her at site and gave her my inputs on what the end product should be. I must say that Maira has done a brilliant job and has given me a home that truly reflects my personality. Good Luck Maira!!!!

Francis Abrao, India

Managing Director, Abrao LLC

Maira has designed and decorated the majlis for my family and friends gathering. She took into account the colours I wanted for the room and added her special touch. I am so glad with the details she has kept in mind and the way the task was accomplished. I got a complete new room in just two days. The seating area was very comfortable as well. I was happy with the result and it was a pleasure working with her.

Al Qassimi, Sharjah,


Applied a bit of Maira Magic in my house and lo and behold! Got a fresh interior. Loved the makeover. Maira was able to do it in just 2 days and within a week of agreement! Wishing her all the very best for a great future.

Prathibha Nair, India

Emirates Airlines

I like the fact that you work closely with your clients to reflect their personalities. Thank you for taking care of every detail. I love the colours and the atmosphere. You made the place blossom. Truly breathtaking.

Lasmia Al Qasssimi, Sharjah


Maira is the only interior designer who could convince me to let her hide all the details till she finished in order to surprise me which she really did. She could translate the saying, “less is more”, and the result was really amazing.

Mohammad Al Najjar,


تتميز ميرا بقدرة فائقة على تحويل الأماكن لفراغات رائعة تنبض بالحياة وتجمع بين البساطة والجمال مع اهتمامها بالعناصر الطبيعية كالاضاءة
والنبات .. أعجبت كثيراً بنجاحها في تحويل صالة المعيشة في بيتي لمكان رائع بتكاليف معقولة فاتفقنا على أن تقوم هي يتأثيث كامل الفيلا.

محمد النجار


“DeeDecors (Maira) I am simply amazed with the gift you have been blessed with, the Gift of Changing houses into Homes. Thanks a million for giving that beautiful touch to our Home which we are so proud of. We can’t wait for you to complete the rest, Inshallah soon. Thank you”

Janet Cordeiro,


A big Thank You to Maira and her professional work. A complete makeover of my existing furniture, making the place a real sweet home. I feel so happy and comfortable. So recommended to give it a try!!

Stephanie Paola,


شكرًا جزيلا مايرا على الإبداع وسرعه التنفيذ. في خلال يومين من الإنجاز ابدعتي فالجدران وحتى وضعتي اخر شمعه.

حصه علي، دبي، الامارات

Maira is a fabulous designer. With the help of her timeless style and vivid colour palette our house has turned into a spectacular living space. We purchased our home in Los Angles and needed to revamp our abode immediately. Within a week not only had Maira decorated our place but she also stuck to the allotted budget fastidiously. All in all a great experience.

Anam Ameen,

Santa Clara

Maira you really mesmerized us with your elegant designing abilities. Just in a week you gave us a brand new home in an unbelievably minimal cost. Simply put, this makeover has given us tremendous pleasure. Every time I enter my home it lifts my spirits. Thank you so much DeeDecors.



I was skeptical about using an interior designer but I’m so happy I did, and even happier I chose DeeDecors. Maira completely made my home over with the same furniture I had.

Dima Hissam,


My Experience with Deedecors was amazing more than any words can describe. The designer was very understanding and had great communication with me. She tried to understand exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted. And she has delivered whatever was expected and she even went steps beyond. The end result for my house decoration was extremely satisfactory and made my newly build house quite warm and welcoming. The prices are very reasonable for the amount of work required and she tries to adapt with any kind of budget from very low to very high and gives you wonderful end result. I would definitely recommend her and for sure will go back to her for my future projects. Thank you DeeDecors

Mona Faris, UAE